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What is Letterboxing?

Team Psychokiwi Do you like walking in the woods, solving clues, using a compass and map, finding buried treasure, rubber-stamping, and having fun? Then letterboxing may be for you...

Here you will find clues for Team Psychokiwi's letterboxes, both in New Zealand and the USA. Further clues and loads more information about Letterboxing can be found at the Atlas Quest and  Letterboxing North America ( websites.

Psychokiwi Letterbox Clues

Judi, Linton, and The Bunny have been having fun cooking up these clues...

New Zealand Letterboxes

North Island

South Island

Stewart Island

Mystery Boxes


Personal Traveler

USA Letterboxes


Rhode Island

Mystery & Bonus Boxes


Event Stamps

Other Useful Odds 'n Sods

You can use this form to search Atlas Quest for letterboxes anywhere in the world. For boxes in New Zealand, just enter a nearby town or city. You can also include "NIS" in the State box for the North Island or "SIS" for the South Island.

Other Folk



  • By popular demand, here is our very special Vegetarian Chilli recipe. This recipe seems to be especially popular among letterboxers. Funny that.

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