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Denison Pequotsepos Wildlife Series

Mystic, Connecticut, USA

Our first letterboxes! We hope you enjoy them.

These two boxes are on an easy walk, taking less than an hour depending on how much exploring you do. They're located at the non-profit Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center, 109 Pequotsepos Road, Mystic, CT.

Directions from I-95: take Exit 90 and follow signs for Route 27 North; travel less than 1/2 mile on Rte. 27, then turn right onto Jerry Browne Rd; travel 1 mile to a 3-way stop; turn right onto Pequotsepos Rd., then travel 1/2 mile to sharp curve; DPNC is immediately on the left after the curve. There is a nominal charge for visiting, but it is well worth it. If you are local, consider becoming members. There are always lots of events on, especially for the kids.

Melissa and Dan's DPNC Nature Series Part I and Part 2 are also located here if you want to extend your boxing pleasure.

Joe Pye Weed Letterbox

Placed: August 2002

From the main trail map, head off on the trail on the right hand side of the map (W) to make a counter-clockwise loop around the pond.

When you have passed two trail intersections and are most of the way round the pond, look for a trail to your right at 110 degrees. Follow this trail to a T-intersection and turn right, staying with the boardwalk (S). At the Y-intersection, take the right trail (WSW) off the end of the boardwalk. Follow the trail as it bends to the right to emerge in a meadow (W).

Follow the trail into the meadow and at the Y-intersection, take the right trail (WNW) and wander through the meadow toward the road. Count how many varieties of butterflies and bees you can see and add one for good luck. Note the result down - you'll need it later.

When the trail runs out, turn around 180 degrees and head back to the Y-intersection, this time taking the right trail (S). Follow the trail along the edge of the meadow and at the next intersection veer left into the woods (ESE).

Ahead on your right, spot a stone wall behind a hickory tree.

Take the number you calculated earlier and multiply it by nine. Add all the numerals in the result together. Continue to add the numerals of the result together until you have a single digit. Subtract one for good luck. Use the final number as the number of paces to take as you bushwhack down the west side of the wall to find the box (just past the hickory).

After stamping, continue down the trail into the woods (ESE). Go left at the T-intersection (ENE), down the gentle slope, through another intersection and across the bridge. Go left (NNE) along the base of the rocks. Turn left (N) at the next T-intersection to get back to the trail map.

Coneflower Letterbox

Placed: August 2002

Across the road from the nature center is the Denison Homestead. Wander around the homestead gardens, admiring the herbs, then clamber up the ledge rock behind the homestead to the picnic tables. With the homestead behind you, find the yellow-blazed trail to your left and follow it through the woods behind the homestead. Just before you get to the intersection with the purple trail, notice a drewclan-worthy pine to your left. The coneflower box is hidden on the west side of the tree. After stamping, turn left down the purple trail to emerge into fields. Follow the left edge of the field back to the road and from there back to the homestead and across the road to the nature center.

Please email us if a box needs attention.

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