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Letterboxing with
The Leader of the Pack


Bulls Eye!

Te Poi, Waikato, New Zealand

Stamp and box by Leader of the Pack,
Clues and placement by Team Psychokiwi
(featuring, for the first time, Ma and Pa Psychokiwi)
Placed: March 2003.
Status: box is in fine condition as of 23 December, 2003.

The geographical center of the North Island of New Zealand falls in the Waikato region, in the midst of dairy farms (and certain homes of Hobbits).

Very near the center is Te Poi - a small farming town with a very large cow.

bulletFind "The Big Cow" at the Country Pub.
bulletBehind the flax bush to the right of the cow is a rather charming Bull.
bulletThe golf-ball points the way.

Please be subtle when retrieving and replacing the box, making sure that it is well hidden.

Please email bullseye@psychokiwi.org if the box needs attention.



This panorama should give you all the information you need to recognize the spot... (clicking on the picture will take you to a bigger version but it may take a minute or so to download).

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