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Baby Elephant Walk

Dartmoor Valley, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Placed June 2007; Clues November 2007.
Featuring hand-carved stamps and hand-bound logbooks

A lovely drive, bike-ride, or horse-back ride for all the family. Stop of at the wineries, admire the view, take a picnic, go fishing, and perhaps look for a letterbox or two while you're at it.

Find the picturesque, and appositely named, Dartmoor Valley out the back of Taradale by following the Puketapu Rd out to Puketapu then taking Dartmoor Rd.

Map of Dartmoor Valley showing access points to Tutaekuri River

Tree where Box 1 is hiddenBox 1: Look for the Dartmoor access to the Tutaekuri River. From the sign, find the tree on a NNE bearing. The box is hidden at the base of the trunk.

Tree where Box 2 is hiddenBox 2: Look for the Kaipapa access to the Tutaekuri River. From the sign, take 56 paces West down the path. The box is hidden partway up the tree on your right.

As always, be discrete if others are about and ensure the boxes and plastic bags are well sealed.

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Monday, 26 November 2007 09:44 PM

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