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A Mystical Peace Mystery

A river runs down to a mystical sea
Along it find boxes as peaceful can be
Within this safe harbor you can reflect
And remember those who've had an effect

Ride Shanks's pony along to the trail
Take the first right, down into the dale
Stay on the path, and meander, don't run
As you head up the hill towards evening's sun

Back on the path but before the abode
Another right turn away from the road
Follow the trail until cornered tight
Turn sou-sou-west with the wall on your right

When acorns acost you, slip through the gap
To another oak tree with two boulders stacked
Around about face, and down in the wall
A lady slipper, we hope will enthrall

On down the path until cornered again,
An ominous turn, so do not remain
Wend your way up to foundation's cement
Explore all around 'til you are content

Continue your trail along to the right,
Until cornered again, but don't get a fright
Draw in your breath at the call of a jay
Ask the right question and you too can play

But for now onwards left, until you assail
A Christmas tree, alone on the trail
Now hang to the left, a turn and a twist
To avoid the folks who live in the midst

Through the gap, to the west, then to the north
Spy a split rock, to the left - sally forth!
Is this a wild goose chase? you do exclaim
Fear not, do proceed, there's one more to gain

Left down the road, then a right and a right
At the faint why? bearing left should delight
Towards the view, take the edge near to port
To a big slab of ledge, like a small fort

When pickets end, look back sou-sou-west
A small mossy shelf hides the secret you quest
Go backwards five steps, then up to the rift
Look under the bark, to find Meilland's gift

Look out can you see the swans, ducks, and geese?
A rosy stamp make, then reflect on peace
When you are done, slowly follow the ledge
For soon you'll return to life on the edge

Status: Both boxes A-OK as of 24 Jan. The second box was kindly replaced by Brandy - many thanks!
Please email us if a box needs attention.

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Thursday, 29 November 2007 08:59 PM

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