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The Leader of the Pack


The followers of Leader of the Pack include (family) Draft Dad, Party Bear, and Rue's Rider (seen only on occasion), Cowboy and Pink Trotters (usual companions).

Leader of the Pack can be contacted by email here.

Letterbox Clues

Leader of the Pack's Clues can be found at www.letterboxing.org/BoxFind.asp

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Hitch Hikers

bulletBurr planted 9/10/00
bulletHome is Where the heart Is planted 9/14/00
bulletBlack Sheep planted 10/18/00
bulletFFA planted 10/00 in Kentucky
bulletRun Like A Deer planted 1/14/01 N.H.
bulletCat on The Prowl 1/28/01 let go at Winter Gather
bulletReady Freddy on the Open Road planted 2/3/01
bullet2 For The Road started as a box on Cape Cod now HH 4/13/01
bulletI Love NY planted 6/30/01
bullet4-H Hitch Hiker 8/10/01 from County Fair event
bulletDoors Always Open HH 12/01
bulletTo Big For A Cage planted 8/10/02
bulletThe Happy Halloween hitch hiker, began its travels in Indiana on 11/2/02.
bulletWherever corn is grown HH. This Hitch Hiker started its travels in Ohio 10/29/02 enclosed is a special treat for everyone who finds it. In the opening ceremony of an FFA meeting is where the title quote came from.
bulletThe FFA at 75 Hitch Hiker began its travels in Pennsylvania on 11/4/02: this hitch hiker is dedicated to Pink Trotters and will be given to her when the book is full and it is mailed home.
bulletThe Rugby Hitch Hiker is ????? Placed March 2003.

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