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Letterboxing with Pink Trotters


Pink Trotters is usually seen a-boxing with the Leader of the Pack. You can email Pink Trotters using this web form. More clues coming soon! 

Letterbox Clues



bullet Pumped Up (with Leader of the Pack)


bullet Wild Hearts Can't be Broken Gay City State Park

East Haddam

bullet African Queen Gillette's Castle

Mansfield Center

bullet Happy Birthday (an extra special box for the Leader of the Pack!)
bullet Mount Hope Series (with Leader of the Pack)
bulletMy Favorite Musicals (a 21-box all-singing, all-dancing, letterboxing extravaganza)
bulletMy Favorite Actor (a 6-box Kenneth Branagh spectacular)

Personal Traveller

bulletPink Trotter's Personal Traveller


bullet"Bogie" began his adventures with the African Queen.
bullet"The Princess Diaries" was released in honor of Julie Andrews, the Star of the musical the Sound of Music.
bullet"Gilderoy Lockhart" was released 5/4/2003.


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