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There's Always A Catbird

Hitchhiking Letterbox

Sylvester the CatbirdHave you noticed how there is always a catbird skulking around in the bushes while you're letterboxing? We started to wonder whether it was the same catbird each time - perhaps Sylvester from our back garden? Perhaps he hung onto the roof-rack as we set off on each new adventure? With that theory in mind, we prepared a special catbird hitch-hiker so Sylvester could have even more adventures. If you come across him, please let us know.

Sylly started his adventures somewhere in NE CT in November 2002.

Status Report

December 2002: Sylly was picked up by Wanda & Pete at the Stearn's Family House Box. They left him in the Lions Den at the Cape May Zoo in New Jersey on 12/12/02! Thankfully Sylly was rescued by D 'n A  2/2/03 and taken to see the Mad Hatter. Sylly caught up with Wanda & Pete again and in April was seen in the Mansfield area, Searching for Caddy. As well as Caddy, he also found Patrick and Amy, then Steve, Heidi, and Madras, and then fluttered off with his new best mate Butterfly. He is now perched in Wallingford awaiting company!

September 2004: Sylly is back visiting Wanda & Pete for the third time!!

You can also check the status of hitchhikers at Wanda & Pete's website.

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