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Marlborough Wine Trail

Three boxes; simple puzzles; eat, drink, and be merry!

Red (Renwick)

Find the location by filling in the missing letters in these Marlborough winery names. At the location, look under the east side of the large rock at the entrance. As always, please be discreet.

A L L A N * C O T T
L A K * C H A L I C E
H E * Z O G
F O X * S I S L A N D
* P Y V A L L E Y
H U * A
H U * T E R S
C A I R N B R A *
* T A E T E L A N D T
M A * U A
I S * B E L
G R A V I * A S
W H I T * H A V E N
* L A D E N R O A D
A S T R O L A B *
D R Y L A N * S
N O 1 * A M I L Y
M * U N T R I L E Y
T E W H A * E R A
C L O U * Y B A Y
W A I * A U R I V E R
M U * H O U S E

White (Seddon)

Fill in the answers to these clues to reveal the location. All wineries referred to have operations in the Awatere Valley.

                        M                       Sixth most important NZ white wine variety
              A                                 Dark, soft, varietal red
                      B                         Bower's vineyard in lower Dashwood
                                                "Grape garden"
                          W                     Winery partnership among Maori business enterprises
                P                               Grape bred by Prof. Perold - a combination of pinot noir and cinsaut
                  A             V               Local "Fast Flowing River" wine-growing region
                F                               Grape variety with aroma of raspberries, violets and pencil shavings
                                                Wine basement
                                                Turn grape juice into wine
                        D       V               Awatere Valley vineyard managed by Villa Maria
                                                French wine waiter
                                                The Burgundy grape
                W                               Spicy grape variety
                                                Anglicized "Eiswein"
                                                Pioneers of Awatere Valley
                                                Fermentation by-product
                                                Germany's most famous grape variety
                                                Aussie's call this grape variety "Shiraz"
                                                Vital grape in Bordeaux
                        V                       First pressing of grapes
                  B               C             Noble rot 
                                                Second most common white wine grape variety in NZ
                                                Fermentation bugs
              K                                 Winery that makes "Mount Fyffe" Chardonnay
                                                NZ's most famous white wine variety
                                                Year of production
                              R                 French for vineyard ecology, especially soil
                  G                             Grape variety considered a Chardonnay substitute
            L             V                     Dessert wine
                                                Wine smell
                                                French red from pinot noir grape
                                                Common fruit description for sauvignon blanc
                                                French oak barrel

Bubbly (Onamalutu)

This is a lovely schpot for a picnichichic, so grrrab a bwaddle of blubbly and shum breadge, cheezz, fruitsch, and a phrizzchbee and head orrff to the Ona-ona-ona-malutututu Reserve. From Renwick, head up root sex (bwahhahahahahhh - sex!) and turn left - or is it right? - no its left onto Norfbunk Road then right up Onaonaonamalooootoooo Road. Stagger across the little bridge into the reserve. Think I need a bit of a lie down now... the grass is so soft and inviting... I wish the world would stop spinning... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Ah now that feels better! Take the left trail head into the Kahikatea grove. When you get to the river, follow the trail right until you get to a fork. At this fork you'll see a particularly dense grove of huge, old, virgin Kahikatea trees. Take the left trail. From the very last huge kahikatea in the group on your right, take 45 steps down the trail. On the left you should see another big kahikatea about 3 steps off trail. The bottle of bubbly is hiding in a nook just behind this tree. (Just ahead of you, there is a black birch extending into the trail - if you've passed this tree, you've gone too far). Continue on the trail to get back to the camping ground, or return the way you came - going either way at the fork. Bottoms Up!

Bonus - Recipes for Champagne Cocktails

  • Elderflower Aperitif: Pour a good schlurp of elderflower cordial into a champagne flute, then fill with a nice dry bubbly.
  • Champagne Cocktail: Place a sugar cube at the base of a champagne flute and drip some Angostura Bitters onto it. Top up with a little brandy, then fill with bubbly.
  • Mimosa: pour 1 part of chilled orange juice into a champagne flute. Fill with 3 parts bubbly. If you want to get fancy, first dip the rim of the glass into some Cointreau or Grand Marnier liqueur and then into a saucer of sugar. Carefully pour the orange and bubbly into the glass. Kick it up a further notch by also pouring in a dash of liqueur.

Finally, if you're getting stuck, this book may help:


Placed October 2004.
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