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Letterboxing in New Zealand

Psychokiwi Signature Stamp Do you like walking in the woods, solving clues, using a compass and map, finding buried treasure, rubber-stamping, and having fun? Then letterboxing may be for you...

Below you will find clues for the majority of letterboxes in New Zealand.

Further clues and loads more information about Letterboxing can be found at:


For many years the only letterboxes in New Zealand were a few placed by tourists. In 2003, we returned to New Zealand (after living and boxing in Connecticut) and slowly began populating the country with boxes. Thanks to the creative efforts of many, many kind letterboxing friends from the USA, we brought home lots of stamps and boxes to place. For many months we seemed to be the only boxers in NZ, except for some visiting Canadian boxers.

Then in August 2004, Time magazine published an article on letterboxing and suddenly interest perked up. In anticipation, we formed a Yahoo discussion group and people started joining up to find out more about boxing. There are now at least four other teams of kiwi boxers who are finding and placing boxes.

New Zealand Letterbox Clues

Here is the definitive letterbox list for New Zealand. Yes there are some others too, but obtaining the clues is a little bit more tricky :-)

Mystery Locations

These mystery boxes are in unknown regions in NZ. Mystery boxes with stated regions are included in the regional listings below.

North Island




Bay of Plenty


Taupo & Central Plateau

Hawke's Bay



South Island


West Coast


Sadly many of the Christchurch-based letterboxes were lost in the Sept 2010 and Feb 2011 earthquakes and that the areas in which they were hidden may no longer be safe. Please use caution if you're not familiar with the area. Contact the box maintainers for more information.



Stewart Island

Virtual Letterboxing

Letterboxing Near New Zealand

I get emails asking if I know about letterboxing in nearby countries like Australia. So for a while I did list all the ones I knew about here, but with letterboxing taking off in Australia, it has been too big a job to keep up with them. Atlas Quest has pretty much the definitive list of boxes in Australia, in a nice searchable format. The only boxes listed here now are the ones not on AQ. I'll continue to maintain listings of other South Pacific boxes for now.


(See AtlasQuest for many, many more)


Cook Islands



Other Useful Odds 'n Sods

Searching AtlasQuest

You can use this form to search Atlas Quest for letterboxes anywhere in the world. For boxes in New Zealand, just enter a nearby town or city. You can also include "NIS" in the State box for the North Island, "SIS" for the South Island, "STI" for Stewart Island, and "CHI" for the Chatham Islands.

New Zealand Trip Planner

Atlas Quest has a trip planner for New Zealand State Highways. Find all the normal (not mystery) boxes within 5 to 30 km of each highway (broken down by legs if desired).

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