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"Eight km Laurel" Quest

Taupo, New Zealand

Box and clues by Team Psychokiwi, stamp by Steve, Heidi, and Madras (Connecticut, USA).

Supplies: picnic, togs, compass. All optional.

Difficulty: easy drive-by, but can also be incorporated into a longer hike. Kid and dog friendly.


  • It's bigger than a cove, but smaller than a gulf.
  • Who uses imperial measures these days!
  • If coming from the south, ignore the first sign then go skiing in the ski lane.
  • Go to the car park. 
  • Fine a solitary picnic table near a pond (may be dried out) to the east of the car park (between car park and highway).
  • To the east of the picnic table are 4 clumps of shrubs.
  • Find the northernmost clump (as you face the highway it is the left clump).
  • At the north end of the clump under the tree is a large rock with a large cavity underneath.
  • The box is in this cavity covered by a chunk of pine bark.

Status: box check A-OK March 2005. Clues updated because box needed to be moved (someone chopped down the pine trees!).
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Thursday, 29 November 2007 09:20 PM

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