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Go Nar!

Tree Trunk Gorge, Turangi, New Zealand
Box and stamp by Kennamtn and Rivergeek, clues and placement by Team Psychokiwi
Placed 26 March 2005

Kennamtn and Rivergeek visited NZ in March 2005 and met up with some of us Wellington letterboxers to say Hi and do a swap. Moab Utah has the most stunning scenery, with wonderful geological formations, as well as great boxing! We decided to place Kennamtn and Rivergeek's boxes in a NZ environment which was also of great geological interest.

From the Desert Road (State Highway One) take Tree Trunk Gorge Rd (the next road south of Kaimanawa Rd). Drive over the Gorge and park opposite the trail head to Kaimanawa Rd. Walk down until you reach a grove of massive old beech trees - you will eventually get to a beech tree that has fallen across the path and has had a chunk sawn out of it to allow you to pass through. The green mossy trunk is over waist high, so it won't be easy to miss! Facing the massive root ball,  go down the right-hand side about 8 paces and look under the trunk (under some bark) just before the root ball. And Go Nar! (whatever that means!?).

Continue down for a couple of minutes to check out the river, then either turn back or continue on the trail to reach the other nearby boxes: Hi Yo Silver and Moab Greetings. You can drive to them all separately, for 10-20 minutes walks each, or, for the more adventurous, hike to them all through the various walkways through the Kaimanawa Forest Park (estimated 2-3 hours return with at least one river crossing).

Note that the conditions on the Central Plateau can be very extreme - please take care and go prepared.

And don't forget to check out the gorge itself - fantastic!!

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