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Kaitoke Kayak

"Rivendell," Kaitoke Regional Park, New Zealand

Placed 10 January, 2004.
Featuring a hand-carved stamp by AM&PM (Connecticut, USA)

From the carpark for Rivendell head for the "Swingbridge Track." This track takes you through mature native forest including rata, beech, kamahi, hinau, and miro. When you reach the first sitting spot, take a load off and take note of the beech tree in front of you (due South). To the left of the tree there are natural steps formed from the tree roots. Take 3 steps down and turn to face the tree. Swing Bridge
Kidney Fern A mossy overhang, covered in Kidney Fern (Trichomanes reniforme), hides your prize. Please be subtle when finding and rehiding the box - this is a popular spot. Don't forget to admire the view out over the Hutt River - it's a popular spot to kayak, canoe, and tube.
Continuing on down the trail will take you through more forest, then back across the river (for stunning views), to the pump house, and eventually back to Rivendell.

Take the time to also do the short "Loop Track".

Status: possibly missing - to be confirmed - 26 Jan 2006.
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