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Stewart Island, New Zealand

Book, stamp, and clues by Team Psychokiwi

We travelled to Stewart Island in Oct 2009 primarily to visit Sirocco Kakapo on Ulva Island. This box is a tribute to this crazy parrot who charms and delights everyone he meets! Ulva Island is such a precious place that we didn't place the box there; instead you can find it on the Deep Bay Track which connects Halfmoon Bay to Golden Bay. From Deep Bay, walk up the road a short way to find a sign on the left indicating "Deep Bay Track to Halfmoon Bay (30 mins)". Take 78 steps along the track to find a large hollow beech on the right, big enough for a small child to stand in. The box is in there under bark. If you reach the steps you've gone too far. If you're approaching from Halfmoon Bay, walk up Peterson Hill Rd to find the trail head. Follow the trail - you'll probably notice the beech, but if you miss it, when you get to the trail end, turn around and take 78 steps back.

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Sunday, 08 November 2009 12:51 PM

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