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Elementary My Dear Watson

Wellington Region, New Zealand

A mystery box by Team Psychokiwi's friend: Krazy Kea.

Francium reverse molybdenum berylium lutetium minus uranium meitnerium split by oxygen and nitrogen roentgenium split by an electron a charged particle aluminium phosphorus argon potassium oxygen terbium when oxygen replaces boron nitrogen gallium sulphur titanium that has lost a little iodine rhenium reverse tellurium einsteinium if nitrogen replaces sulphur titanium minus iodine radon nitrogen cerium.

Fluorine oxygen (lithium less iodine)2 oxygen tungsten tellurium split by a hydrogen atom proactinium thorium technetium with no carbon oxygen telurium divided by hydrogen rubidium less boron iodine reverse mercury titanium minus iodine technetium minus carbon oxygen tin split by [tantalum minus the first of argon radon (thorium hydrogen)2 oxygen] sulphur thorium hydrogen rhenium reverse tellurium.

Climb over the sulphur titanium lithium with its iodine replaced by an electron and tungsten aluminium potassium through the leafy tunnel reaching a selenium astatine where you can admire a view of the vanadium aluminium lutetium with its uranium replaced by an electron yttrium. Pass through a grove of nickel potassium gold, and further on note the extensive (Potassium iodine electron)2, Freycinetia banksii.

About 15 minutes from the start you will cross a small sulphur thallium minus the first of lithium rhenium americium on your right trickling over reversed chromium dissected by oxygen potassium sulphur and a small tungsten astatine erbium fluorine aluminium lutetium minus uranium. About 66 paces on from here you will reach a plutonium nitrogen gallium stump on your left. A further 98 paces from here you face a large ruthenium split by [iodine (manganese nitrogen) ] where the path takes a sharp turn to the right. There is another plutonium nitrogen gallium stump and behind it a fallen plutonium nitrogen gallium trunk. The box is behind this trunk.

You can carry on to complete the circuit reaching the dubnium with no boron americium in about 15 minutes and the carpark in a further 20 minutes or return the way you came.

There is a further letterbox on this track down near the dubnium with no boron americium.

Please email us if the box needs attention.

Placed December 2004.
Status: found
AtlasQuest link
Box, logbook, and placement by Krazy Kea.

Thursday, 29 November 2007 10:04 PM

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