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Crater Lake

Turangi - Taupo Region, New Zealand

Placed 21 September 2005.
Featuring a hand-carved stamp and hand-bound logbook by Team Tired Feet (Oregon, USA)

Halfway between Turangi and Taupo on State Highway 1 is the picturesque Mission Bay. Parallel to SH1 on the lake side is a small passive recreation reserve that is a nice spot for a picnic, a paddle, and a bit of drive-by boxing. An IALC exchange box is hidden here at the northern end of the reserve, under the southern end of a large fallen tree. As always, please use discretion when finding and rehiding the box - this area can be popular.

This exchange box came from Team Tired Feet in Eugene, Oregon. The theme of the box is "Crater Lake," which is a volcanic lake in Oregon - so what better spot to hide it than on the shores of Lake Taupo.

Status: Sept 2006 - box is split slightly and letting in water, but contents are dry - if you can could you please bring along a spare baggie.

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Monday, 26 November 2007 09:58 PM

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