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Native YEP

Christchurch, New Zealand

PLACED: October 14, 2001
by Beth & Mark Bendickson, Hillsboro, Oregon USA

Note from Team Psychokiwi: This letterbox is one of the first to be planted in New Zealand. The original clues can be found on the LBNA talk group, but Mark has given me permission to rehost the clues here. Mark would love to hear if you find this box, but please note his new email address The email address in the box itself is now obsolete.

A new International letterbox has been placed for you in the city of Christchurch, on the South Island of New Zealand. This letterbox is located at a place called Riccarton Bush. In New Zealand, any land heavily vegetated with native trees and shrubs, including tall forest, is often referred to as "bush". Riccarton Bush today is a tiny 6.4-hectare remnant, a relic of a large forest system that once covered much of the Canterbury Plains. Due to the sensitivity of this area, please take extra precautions not to damage anything when retrieving this box and keep a keen eye out for rangers who often patrol the area. Also, please lend a hand to replace or repair the contents of the box if they are damaged, as we cannot check the box regularly.

DIRECTIONS: On a city map locate Kotare Street. It is a wee bit to the NW of the city center. From Kotare, go south on Puriri Street, then a left on Totara Street. The street you are looking for next is the one AFTER Kahu Street. On our map it was named Ngahere Street, but there was no street sign. To find it just remember to take your first left after Kahu Street. Go to the end of the street and park in the cul de sac. Take the path into the park.

CLUES: Follow the path just past the Dean family cottage, and turn right at the junction. A bit beyond here take another angled right and head towards the park sign. Proceed through the gate into Riccarton Bush. Always stay on the "Boardwalk Circular Track" whenever you come to a junction. Go past the "snake root tree" on the right. Beyond the double bench, go left on the chicken wire boardwalk and pass another bench. When the boardwalk takes a 90 degree turn to your left, STOP. Look just to the right of the large tree in front of you spotting a large fallen log rotting on the forest floor. Walk to the keyhole at the far end of this log. Step over to your left, take an about face and walk three steps forward. Look down low. Please contact us by email at, to let us know you found this box and the condition it is in, plus any other comments you may have. We'd love to hear from you.

Have FUN !! Mark & Beth Bendickson

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