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Kaikoura Peninsula Little Shag Letterbox

Kaikoura, South Island
Placed by Paisley Orca (Amanda Briles) & Maronie (John), Dec 21, 2001.

Paisley Orca has kindly let us host the clues to her box:

A new international letterbox has been placed on the South Island of New Zealand at South Bay in Kaikoura.

The Little Shag is a bird in the Cormorant family. In the area where this letterbox is placed chances are you will sight at least one Little Shag and probably more.

DIRECTIONS: From Hwy 1 just south of the town of Kaikoura follow the signs to South Bay. This puts you on South Bay Parade. Follow this road all the way to the entrance of the South Bay Recreation Reserve. A gravel road will take you to the car park area at the trailhead for Peninsula Walkway.

CLUES: (easy and terrain is easy, also, though probably not handicap accessible). Head down the rocky trail alongside the grassy bank. The trail turns into a grassy dirt path. [Updated Oct 2006 as boardwalks have been torn up and replaced - thanks LizzyBear!] Head along the path for only a minute or two until you see a farmer's fenceline to your left that heads directly up a grassy hill. There should be some trees between the track and a fence running parallel to the track. Turn left and walk until you are between two trees. A broken branch entwines them. Behind the base of the tree on the right hand side under a branch on the ground Little Shag is drying his wings waiting for you to stamp in.

This is not an international bird of mystery but the letterbox is Shagadelic, Baby!

Best regards,

Amanda Briles
The Paisley Orca

The original clues can be found in the yahoo archives here.
AtlasQuest link

Thursday, 29 November 2007 08:56 PM

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