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Hearing Research
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You have just surfed into the kitchen of my dreams... A big wooden table fills the middle of the kitchen, just the right height for kneading dough. Shelves dominate an entire wall of the kitchen with contents including homemade pickles, braids of dried chilies and garlic, tea tins, and cookbooks. Off to the side is a conservatory filled with sweet smelling herbs. But this is no country kitchen, it also has the latest in Italian kitchenware, with a top of the line oven and hob top. And of course it comes with a dishwasher. What an eclectic mess you think! Has this woman got no style! But the ambience of the kitchen overcomes you and you decide to stay awhile...

A chat over a nice cup of tea...

Are you like me in that you can't resist trying out new and exotic ingredients? My pantry is filled with strange, new, and novel ingredients that have peaked my curiosity. I also strive to use lots of wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables - organic if possible and in season (not tasteless imports). The next step is to then hit the web and find out what to do with them all. I thought I might list some of my discoveries and ideas here.

...and a wander in the garden

After months of searching we finally found the house of our dreams with a beautiful garden. One of the first projects has been to raise and retain the vege garden so that it faced into the sun. It was important to me that we used an ecologically-sound solution, which didn't involve treated timbers that can leach toxins into the soil. My father-in-law found an excellent solution that used untreated macrocarpa sleepers. When we're finished, I'll show you what we did and how we did it.


Judi Lapsley Miller
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